SO MAD!!!!

so mad she won’t even look at me now.. Im calling her and she is like bitch to hell with you.. eehh motherhood is really hard 

"you"? oh well yes it has "your" written in it, so I guess you are right! :D

you jerk…

I don´t know what you are talking about, it could really be them you know?

my feeeeeeeet this has “you” written all over it 


Blame bleighton for that they poofed off the face of earth but here it is finally. I decided to finish the whole thing THEN post it 


I SAID I WOULD NEVER GIVE UP ON THIS STORY AND NO ONE BELIEVED ME!! I have the whole thing written down and done its just being beta’d atm 

Yeah she is a fan of them like myself UvU like Idk I like guns ok shesh